Bluesky Australian Education & Scholarship Fair – Ernakulan

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Bluesky Australian Education & Scholarship Fair – Ernakulan

The Australia Education & Scholarship Fair in Ernakulam is an exciting event that brings together students, educators, and representatives from Australian educational institutions to provide information and opportunities for pursuing higher education in Australia. This fair is organized with the aim of promoting Australian education and scholarship opportunities to students in Ernakulam and surrounding regions.


Venue of Fair

Coral Isle Hotel, St Benedict Rd, North Railway Station, Near, Kacheripady, Kochi, Kerala 682018.

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The fair features a variety of activities, including informational seminars, one-on-one counseling sessions, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities with representatives from Australian universities, colleges, and educational institutions. Students can learn about the diverse range of study programs offered in Australia, including undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, vocational courses, research opportunities, and specialized programs in fields such as engineering, business, healthcare, sciences, arts, and more.

One of the highlights of the fair is the availability of scholarships and financial assistance options for eligible students. Many Australian universities and institutions offer scholarships to international students based on their academic excellence, leadership skills, community involvement, and other criteria. The fair provides students with valuable information on various scholarships available, including application processes, deadlines, and eligibility criteria. This helps students to explore scholarship opportunities and plan their education in Australia effectively.

The fair also serves as a platform for students to interact with representatives from Australian institutions and get their queries answered. Students can discuss their career goals, course options, admission requirements, visa procedures, and other concerns with experienced counselors and representatives from Australian institutions. This helps students to make informed decisions about their study plans in Australia and understand the application process in detail.

Apart from providing information about education and scholarships, the fair also showcases the rich culture, lifestyle, and diversity of Australia. Students can learn about the Australian way of life, accommodation options, student support services, and opportunities for part-time work during their studies. They can also interact with alumni and current students from Australian institutions to gain insights into their experiences and life as an international student in Australia.

Attending the Australia Education & Scholarship Fair in Ernakulam can be a significant step for students who are aspiring to study in Australia. It provides them with a unique opportunity to gather first-hand information, explore scholarships, interact with representatives from Australian institutions, and plan their education and career goals effectively. The fair serves as a one-stop-shop for students interested in studying in Australia and helps them take the first step towards realizing their dreams of pursuing higher education in Australia.

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    April 30

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    April 30


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