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Australia Updates Temporary Graduate Visa (TGV): What Indian Students Need to Know (Effective July 1, 2024)

Australia recently made changes to its Temporary Graduate Visa (TGV) program, effective from July 1, 2024, which is likely to impact Indian students pursuing higher education there. Here’s a breakdown of the key points:


  • Streamlined names: The existing visa streams are renamed to better reflect the qualification level (as of July 1, 2024):
    • Post-Study Work stream becomes Post-Higher Education Work stream.
    • Graduate Work stream becomes Post-Vocational Education Work stream.
  • Stream selection based on qualification: Applicants must choose the stream that aligns with their primary qualification (e.g., vocational vs higher education). Other qualifications won’t be considered for stream eligibility (as of July 1, 2024).
  • Revised stay periods: The maximum stay period for the Post-Higher Education Work stream varies based on the degree type (as of July 1, 2024):
    • Bachelor’s degree (including honors) and coursework/extended Master’s degrees – Up to 2 years
    • Master’s by research and Doctoral degrees (PhDs) – Up to 3 years

Impact on Indian students:

  • Large student population: With over 100,000 Indian students enrolled in Australian institutions in 2022, these changes will likely affect a significant number.
  • Clarity and focus: The new names and streamlined process might offer more clarity for students choosing the appropriate visa stream.


The changes seem to be focused on making the TGV program more transparent and ensuring applicants choose the stream that aligns best with their qualifications. While the revised stay periods might affect some planning, it’s important to note that certain degrees (research-based Masters and PhDs) still allow for a 3-year stay.

For the latest information and any further updates, it’s recommended to refer to official Australian government visa resources.


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