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Australian Tech Visa: More Expensive, but Streamlined and Potentially Worthwhile?

Australia’s insatiable demand for skilled tech professionals has led to significant changes in their visa program. While the application fee has doubled, the process is now more streamlined and efficient, offering potential advantages for aspiring tech immigrants. Let’s delve into the details:


  • Skill shortage: Australia faces a significant shortage of skilled tech workers, prompting them to attract talent from overseas.
  • Complex application process: Previously, the application process was complex and involved submitting multiple forms based on the ANZSCO codes for jobs, which led to delays and frustrations.
  • High cost: The application fee has doubled from around $550 to $1100 (USD $360 to $720).

Challenges of the Old System:

  • Skill Gap: Australia grapples with a critical lack of tech talent, necessitating global recruitment efforts.
  • Application Hurdles: The previous system was cumbersome, requiring separate applications for each relevant ANZSCO code, causing delays and frustration.
  • Cost Barrier: The initial application fee was already substantial, posing a hurdle for some applicants.

Addressing the Issues: The New Streamlined Process

To attract top tech talent and address the shortcomings of the old system, Australia has implemented the following changes:

  • Multi-ANZSCO Applications: From March 2024, applicants can list up to three ANZSCO codes in a single application, significantly reducing complexity and cost compared to submitting multiple forms.
  • Enhanced Verification: Identity documents will now be verified by a trusted third party, eliminating the need for applicants to share them directly with the assessing authority.

Potential Benefits of the New System:

  • Faster Processing: The streamlined process promises to expedite processing times, which currently range from 10-14 weeks.
  • Improved Clarity: The single application format should bring transparency and make the process easier to understand for applicants.
  • Attracting Talent: Despite the fee increase, the streamlined process and potential time savings compared to multiple applications could still entice skilled workers.

Is it Worth the Cost?

Whether the new visa program offers “better value” depends on individual circumstances and the efficiency of the new system in practice.

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