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Changes in Australia Visa Fees: 2020-21 to 2024-25

Navigating the process of obtaining a visa for Australia involves not only meeting eligibility criteria but also understanding the financial implications. Visa fees, which are crucial to the application process, have seen adjustments over the years. Here’s a detailed look at how fees for various visa subclasses have evolved from 2020-21 to the projected figures for 2024-25.

Overview of Visa Fee Changes

Below is a comprehensive table highlighting the changes in visa fees across different subclasses:

SubclassName2020-212021-222022-232023-24Increase (%)Increase ($)2024-25
600Visitor (offshore)145.00145.00150.00190.002.76%5.00195.00
600Visitor (onshore)365.00370.00380.00475.003.16%15.00490.00
186Employer Nomination Scheme4045.004115.004240.004640.002.80%130.004770.00
187Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme4045.004115.004240.004640.002.80%130.004770.00
189Skilled Independent (Point tested stream)4045.004115.004240.004640.002.69%125.004765.00
190Skilled Nomination4045.004115.004240.004640.002.80%130.004770.00
462Work and Holiday485.00495.00510.00635.002.36%15.00650.00
482Temporary Skill Shortage (Short Term)1265.001290.001330.001455.002.75%40.001495.00
482Temporary Skill Shortage (Medium Term)2645.002690.002770.003035.002.64%80.003115.00
485Temporary Graduate1650.001680.001730.001895.002.64%50.001945.00
491Skilled Work Regional4045.004115.004240.004640.002.80%130.004770.00
494Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional4240.004640.002.80%130.004770.00
101Child Visa (Offshore)2665.002710.002790.003055.002.78%85.003140.00
802Child Visa (onshore)2665.002710.002790.003055.002.78%85.003140.00
445Dependent Child2665.002710.002790.003055.002.78%85.003140.00
117/837Orphan Relative1630.001660.001710.001870.002.67%50.001920.00
155/157Resident Return Visa (Online)405.00410.00425.00465.002.15%10.00475.00
300Prospective Marriage (PMV, Offshore)7715.007850.008085.008085.002.77%245.009095.00
820/801Partner Visa (from 300 PMV holder)1285.001310.001350.001475.002.71%40.001515.00
309/100Partner Visa (Offshore)7715.007850.008085.008850.002.77%245.009095.00
820/801Partner Visa (Onshore)7715.007850.008085.008850.002.77%245.009095.00
STACSubsequent Temporary Application Charge700.00700.00700.00700.00700.00
Citizenship (General Eligibility)285.00490.00490.00540.003.70%20.00560.00
Passport Fee (Regular)298.00301.00308.00325.008.06%27.00352.00

Visitor Visas: Fees for both offshore and onshore visitor visas have shown gradual increases, reflecting adjustments for inflation and administrative costs.

Skilled Migration: Subclasses such as the Employer Nomination Scheme and Skilled Independent visas have also seen moderate increases, likely due to continued demand and processing costs.

Student Visas: A notable increase of 125.35% from 2020-21 to 2024-25 indicates significant adjustments in this category, possibly to align with educational sector changes and recovery post-pandemic.


Understanding visa fee changes is essential for anyone planning to travel, work, or study in Australia. These adjustments reflect not only economic factors but also policy shifts and administrative needs. For the most current and specific fee information, applicants are encouraged to refer to official sources such as the Department of Home Affairs or authorized visa application centers.

By staying informed about these changes, applicants can better prepare financially and ensure their visa applications proceed smoothly. Whether you’re exploring Australia for leisure, work, or study, knowing the latest fee structures helps you plan your journey effectively.

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