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Australia Slashes Migrant Intake in Half, Tightens Student Visas

On December 11, 2023, the Australian government announced plans to significantly reduce its migrant intake and tighten visa rules for international students. This move aims to address what the government calls a “broken” migration system and concerns about infrastructure and housing shortages.

Key points of the new plan:

  • Reduce migrant intake by half: The government plans to slash the annual migrant intake to 250,000 by June 2025, roughly half the current level. This is close to pre-pandemic levels.
  • Tighter student visa rules: International students will need to achieve higher scores on English language tests and face increased scrutiny on their applications for second visas that would extend their stay.
  • Focus on skilled migration: The government will prioritize skilled migrants who can fill critical workforce shortages in areas like healthcare, engineering, and technology.
  • Addressing infrastructure and housing challenges: The government aims to use the reduced migrant intake to invest in infrastructure and housing development to cope with the existing population.

Potential impacts:

  • Labor shortages: The reduction in migration could exacerbate existing labor shortages in several sectors.
  • Impact on universities: Tighter student visa rules may discourage international students from choosing Australia, affecting universities’ finances and cultural diversity.
  • Economic slowdown: A significant decrease in migration could negatively impact the economy, especially in sectors reliant on foreign labor.
  • Social implications: The plan has sparked debate about Australia’s identity and its commitment to multiculturalism.


  • Business groups: Concerned about potential labor shortages and impact on economic growth.
  • Education sector: Worried about the consequences for international student enrollment.
  • Migrant communities: Expressing concerns about potential discrimination and social cohesion.
  • Public opinion: Divided, with some supporting the plan to curb immigration and others fearing negative economic and social consequences.

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