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H-2B Visa Squeeze: Options for Businesses & Workers After Quota Exhaustion

The news is out: the H-2B visa quota for the first half of fiscal year 2024 (October 1, 2023 – March 31, 2024) is officially out of whack. Both the initial 33,000 visa allotment and the 20,716 bonus for returning workers have been gobbled up faster than you can say “beachside burrito.” So, what happens now? Buckle up, folks, because it’s a mixed bag.


  • Breathe, it’s not the end. If you filed those petitions with the speed of Usain Bolt before the deadline, your applications are on track. Sit tight and await processing.
  • Missed the boat? Plan B, stat. For those left holding empty visa dreams, the second half of FY 2024 (April 1 – September 30, 2024) offers another 33,000 visas (plus any leftovers from the first half). Mark your calendars!
  • Think outside the H-2B box. Exploring other visa options like H-1B or TN, doubling down on domestic recruitment, or even embracing automation might be your next best moves.


  • Congrats, early birds! If you snagged an approved petition, your beachside burrito is safe… for now. Your employment start date should be on schedule.
  • Dream job on hold? Don’t despair. You might still have visa options through other programs. Talk to your employer or explore alternative job opportunities.
  • Keep your eyes peeled (and open). Congress may raise the H-2B cap again like they did in November 2023. Stay updated by following official sources like USCIS and the Department of Labor.

Remember, this isn’t the end of the story. Stay informed, explore alternatives, and maybe even brush up on your margarita-making skills while you wait. The sun will shine again on H-2B visas eventually, and until then, there’s always guacamole.

Disclaimer: I’m not a legal expert, so for specific advice, consult an immigration attorney. This blog post is just a friendly heads-up and a reminder to stay flexible in the face of visa drama.

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